Colorful Brunch with Sparkling Ice® + Caffeine


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Hey all, and happy Tuesday! Definitely a fun and easy start to the week and month thus far. Just relaxed and caught up on some housework over the long weekend. The weather here has gotten a little cooler, but perfect for outdoor barbecues and parties!

I love to host brunches at my house, bring my friends and family together, and just have a good time! When I host any sort of party, I like to be a little over the top with decor and make sure it’s fun and as colorful as possible!

My family isn’t huge on coffee so when I host a brunch, I always have to find an alternative option… especially since I am such an avid coffee drinker in the mornings. I have been drinking Sparkling Ice for years now; I remember my mom introducing me to the 17 fl. oz bottles to me when I came home from South Korea. I really love sparkling water, and she thought it would be a fun and more flavorful alternative for me. She always bought it from our local Jewel-Osco because they always had the best price on it, and they always had the largest selection of flavors!

I started serving Sparkling Ice at brunches with my family because of all the options I have when using it. There are a ton of flavors, it pairs well with fresh fruit, and it gives everyone tons of options for drinks! When I found out they started making it with caffeine, I was soooo excited! Each Sparkling Ice +Caffeine can has 70 mg of caffeine and still has zero sugar and zero carbs! They are available in 16 fl. oz cans and five different flavors: Black Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Triple Citrus, Strawberry Citrus and Orange Passion Fruit, the last four are totally new fruit combinations

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine is a nice and refreshing alternative for brunch, and I can still pair it with fresh fruits and obviously all the best brunch foods! I always like to have a variety of flavors at each brunch, but I tend to find myself drinking the triple citrus one each time. It’s really light, refreshing in the summer heat, and pairs so well with a fresh slice of fruit. Plus, now that it has caffeine, it’s my go-to option for brunch on the weekends!


I purchase Sparkling Ice +Caffeine at Jewel-Osco, especially since there is one down the street from my house (and it’s 24 hours)! They’re in the same aisle with all the sparkling water, so they are super easy to find. The Jewel I frequent always has these in stock and available in every flavor!

If you are looking for a fun and refreshing way to switch up brunch (while still staying caffeinated), then these are the perfect alternative for summer… or for any brunch!


  1. 9.3.19
    Rach said:

    I love Sparkling Ice and had no idea that they have one that is caffeinated! This brunch set is so cute Denise!

  2. 9.3.19

    These look so yummy! I’ll have to try these for when I start getting that afternoon-lull at work. I could always use a little boost of caffeine! Also love this brunch, so cute and colorful!

  3. 9.3.19
    Nataly said:

    Oh I am going to need to try these! They look so good and refreshing!

  4. 9.3.19
    roxy said:

    They sound really tasty, but I especially love the unicorn drink floats. 😉 Must seek these out locally!!

  5. 9.3.19

    This sounds super refreshing and interesting. I must try. Also love your pictures.


  6. 9.3.19
    Stephanie said:

    I had no clue they offered a caffeinated version of this drink. I’ve loved sparkling Ice for years. I used to drink them all the time right after high school because they’re so affordable and delicious!

  7. 9.3.19
    Lydia said:

    I’ve never heard of caffeinated sparking water before! Of course I’m not about to give up my morning coffee, but it might be lovely in the afternoon! (actually I probably just want more coffee…)

  8. 9.3.19

    Perfect drink for this hot summer. It’s been crazy lately! It’s the first time that I read about caffeinated sparkling water, sure does sounds interesting!

  9. 9.4.19

    If this isn’t the cutest little brunch! I love all the fun decor!!

  10. 9.4.19

    How cute is this setup! The drinks sound and look amazing, I need to try it out.

  11. 9.4.19
    Carolyn said:

    Mmmm this looks and sounds so refreshing! What a cute set up too, love this family brunch! I’ll keep my eye out next time I’m at the store!

  12. 9.4.19
    Jackie said:

    It sounds so good! Love a a refreshing alternative for caffeine. Sometimes I don’t want to drink coffee!

  13. 9.4.19
    Lizzie said:

    HOW FUN! I want to have a colorful brunch too! I love the Ice drinks – we buy so many many each time we go to the store!


  14. 9.4.19
    Tonya Morris said:

    OMG I definitely need to try these! They sound amazing!

  15. 9.6.19
    Whitney said:

    So much color, I love it!! These photos are definitely so much fun! I definitely need to try these new drinks!

  16. 9.6.19
    Ashley Hargrove said:

    I am beyond in love with all of these photos!! Makes me not want summer to end! I haven’t tried these but need to grab some this weekend and try them out!

  17. 9.9.19
    Katie said:

    This drink sounds so yummy! I love how you displayed it here!

  18. 9.10.19
    Caitlin said:

    This is the CUTEST brunch I’ve ever seen (and I totally wish I was invited).

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