Feeling Comfortable & Sexy in My Own Skin With Cacique Intimates

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We have started to see a shift, and by shift I am referring to the ways we see ads and who appears in those ads. Growing up, I was always the heavier kid, considered fat by a lot of my peers, and sometimes teased for being curvier or fat. I was called a linebacker, told I was too fat to way certain kinds of lingerie, and occasionally described as the “fat friend” in social situations.
So, finding brands that promote curvy body types has been so important to me in the last few years, especially in my late 20’s, and now my 30’s. Cacique Intimates prides itself on featuring curvy women, women with stretch marks, and women who look and are shaped like me. It took me a long time to get to a place of comfort with myself and my body… and even to stand in front of the mirror in underwear and say positive things about my body. So, partnering with Cacique Intimates & Shopstyle to share these photos is so crucial for my narrative, as well as portraying other body types for women in a similar situation to myself.

Finding pieces that fit my body and are comfortable has been a struggle for so many years, especially when it comes to finding cute sets. I would see these adorable sets, but the sizing was ALWAYS limited and there was never a true matching set available in my size.
Cacique Intimates has saved me in so many ways, because of all the sets they offer for curvier bodies. This T-shirt bra is made of cotton and is lightly lined. It has a longline silhouette, so it sits a little lower, which I really love. The support is great, as well, with lined cups and underwire.

I also love that they offer sets with so many underwear options as well, so you can choose what you feel most comfortable in. This pair is high-waisted, which I opted for because I tend to walk around in sets in my house, drink coffee, cook, or get ready for the day. However, there are more options available in case higher waisted isn’t your thing! There is also a bikini and thong option to match with this bra, and some bra patterns have way more options for underwear choices!
I just cannot express to you how much this means to me as a curvy girl, because these options were so limited growing up, and so limited even into my adult years!

Getting ready in the mornings now is such a good feeling. I practice daily positive affirmations to remind myself that I am loved, beautiful, and look good in lingerie! They have some really amazing pieces to help you feel sexier and feel like your best self!

I have a few new favorite pieces, like this pretty pink strapless bra… because if you have a larger chest, you know how hard it can be to find a good strapless bra!
They also have a really awesome collection of lingerie, designed with curves in mind! So many cute pieces, including a purple balconette bra that I already own, which I wore in a post on IG a few weeks ago.  

Whether you’re getting ready in the morning, making coffee, or just enjoying some time in your house… it’s so important to feel good about yourself and be comfortable in the skin and underwear you’re in!

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  1. 5.16.19
    Marta said:

    That’s a gorgeous set! I think it’s awesome that brands are changing and being more inclusive, especially with underwear since it can be so uncomfortable if it’s not the right fit.

  2. 5.20.19
    Lizzie said:

    I love that brands are becoming more inclusive and designing for all body types! This set is absolutely gorgeous! I love the gingham and lace!


  3. 5.20.19
    Madison said:

    You look stunning! And I LOVE that these are high waisted!

    Madison | Madison-Fichtl.com

  4. 5.20.19

    This set is super cute and you look phenomenal in it. I am all about high-waisted-everything lately.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  5. 5.20.19
    Rach said:

    This set is so cute Dennise! And I love that not only they are comfortable, but it is something you feel confident in. What an incredible brand!


  6. 5.20.19
    Mollie said:

    I’ve never heard of this brand but they sound great! Love this cute matching set, it looks amazing on you!

    xx Mollie

  7. 5.20.19
    Cathy said:

    What a pretty set! It looks fabulous on you!


  8. 5.20.19
    Stephanie said:

    Yes, girl, YES. These pieces are not only sexy, but they look incredibly comfortable too! Plus, the gingham you chose is like the cutest EVER. It makes me so happy that these intimates have boosted your confidence as well! That’s the best feeling!

  9. 5.20.19
    Kileen said:

    Love this post and I love this set!! The print is so cute and you look stunning!

    cute & little

  10. 5.21.19
    roxy said:

    What a pretty set! I love gingham. This looks perfect for lounging around the apartment.

  11. 5.21.19
    Carolyn said:

    You are rocking the heck out of this set! So happy that you are feeling more comfortable in your skin. It’s so cute by the way!

  12. 5.21.19

    You look amazing AND sexy!!! Way to rock this.

  13. 5.21.19

    This is such a cute set! I need to look into their products! I’ve never tried them!

  14. 5.22.19
    Morgan said:

    Girl you are rockin this set!! I love that pattern on you!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  15. 5.22.19
    Anna English said:

    This is such a cute set. I love the lace details!

  16. 5.22.19

    I HATE that you had to deal with such terrible comments when you were younger. Kids can be so mean ugh!! BUT, I absolutely love that you have embraced such an amazing attitude of self-love. You are stunning and this set looks so good on you!!

  17. 5.22.19

    that set is so cute, and beautiful on you!

  18. 5.25.19
    Ifeoluwa said:

    Such gorgeous intimate wear! Love how the designs are gorgeous for curvy women.

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