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Hey all and happy Monday! Weather is still brutal here and really cold and I am so unprepared for how long this winter is lasting! It has been tough to shoot, or even just go out! The wind and cold have been such a brutal combination lately.
Finally got around to getting my hair done a few weeks ago…. since it had been 4 or 5 months! When I had last gotten my hair done, I was all over blonde. I decided to let it grow a bit… or at least that is the reason I tell myself for letting it grow out so much!
I finally decided that I wanted to keep the brown and blonde combo, but just have the colors melt a bit more and brighten up the existing color as well. I visited Bentley Hair & Beauty on Valentine’s Day to get my hair cut, colored, and styled!
They are such an awesome full-service salon with the nicest staff and the kindest owner! They really take such good care of you and treat you so well. My mom came with me as well and they even took care of her while she waited for me! They go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and happy. I would highly recommend them for anything hair-related!

The Shop

My stylist (Eimear) on the left and the owner (Jennifer) on the right. Both ladies are from Ireland, so it’s so cool just talking to them and hearing their separate journeys and stories!

When I had first heard of Bentley Hair & Beauty, I thought maybe it was named after the car… which I guess quite a few people have thought!
Jennifer (the owner) sat down and told us that she named the salon after a special place in Ireland! Her mother used to visit a place called ‘Bentley Beach’ and learned to swim there. Then, when she was a child, she would visit there as well. So, when she opened the salon, she wanted it to be named after something very special to her.

The Before

My grow out was not too bad and actually looked pretty good for going soooo long without doing it. The color just was kind of dull and the separation between dark and light was becoming a bit obvious.

The Color Process

We decided on some balayage to bring some subtle color and highlighting through in order to brighten it overall and make it fresh again.
She did a bunch of hand painting in order to achieve the dimension of color with my hair! The color is hand painted layer by layer and then you sit and process for some time (mine was about 30 minutes). 

The Cut

After processing and then toning, we got to the cut. My hair has been shorter for quite a few years now, so I wanted to make sure it was kept longer.
After a bit of a struggle in my mind, I knew I had to cut off some ends, as they were all completely dead! We did a little trim and then just did some long layering and reshaping to make the cut and overall hair just look and feel a bit fresher. My layers had gotten a bit crazy!



I am really not a straight hair kind of gal, so I for sure requested it be curled when she was done. She blow dried it straight for one last check to make sure it was all even. Then she used a flat iron to get some really good waves!
I have tried that flat iron trick at home and failed so many times!

Before & After

The final product is obviously nothing too drastic or different, which is exactly what I wanted! I wanted it to be fresher, brighter, more even, and just melt a bit more. I love how it turned out and how much brighter the blonde is overall!


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  1. 3.5.19

    Your hair turned out so well!! She did an amazing job!

  2. 3.5.19
    Laura Adney said:

    I love that the change is subtle, maintained the great ombre, but the color is more vibrant

  3. 3.5.19
    Kileen said:

    Your hair looks so pretty! Love how seamless the melt is, and the color is beautiful!

    cute & little

  4. 3.5.19
    Amanda said:

    Ooh I love those waves! Wish I could get my hair like that

  5. 3.6.19
    Nataly said:

    Your hair looks so beautiful! I love the color!

  6. 3.6.19

    Your hair looks SO healthy and beautiful!

  7. 3.6.19
    Kenzi said:

    It looks soo beautiful and so healthy! I love it! The color is perfect!

  8. 3.8.19
    Kyla said:

    Your hair looks great babe! As a new mom I need something that can grow out with easy maintenance! This is perfect!

  9. 3.11.19

    Love your new hair! It looks so refreshed just in time for spring!

  10. 3.12.19
    Deborah said:

    Your hair is GORGEOUS!!

  11. 3.12.19

    so beautiful! i love the color!

  12. 3.18.19
    DAWN said: