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Hey all and happy Friday! Hope you all had a fabulous week and are looking forward to the long weekend ahead… I know I am! I am heading to a trampoline park with my godchildren on Friday and then just trying to figure out the rest of the weekend! Hoping for no snow 🙁

I am not sure if it is just me, but there is something about cute activewear that gets me seriously more motivated. I like to have a lot of options and ways to mix and match pieces, so that I am able to reuse items and switch pieces around for different workouts. I also like being able to grab a coffee after a good workout or class, and I need to make sure my activewear is cute (and presentable). I don’t want to be running around doing errands or grocery shopping at Meijer in just sweats and a t-shirt! I also don’t always want to change right away after, so good prints and pieces make it easier.

Have Multiple Pairs of Black Printed Leggings

I love a good pair of plain black leggings like any other woman does… but a good printed pair is really my fave. The nice thing about having a printed pair in black, is that they can still match with so many different options.
I used the same sports bra, which I bought two of. When I find a good sports bra that fits, I like to be able to have a few of them in rotation. I also used the same jacket with multiple outfits, which is the perfect way to cover up or bundle up (Chicago is cold) after a good workout. The jacket is lined with a mesh material on the inside, making it perfect for people who sweat a lot (me), or just want to make sure it absorbs after working out. I actually used this jacket for a workout outside recently, and had no issues with sweat afterwards!
This darker camo pair of leggings with mesh detailing is a cute way to spice up a workout outfit, while still being on trend for grabbing groceries or coffee after!

These copper metallic splatter legging were probably my favorite find at Meijer because of how fun they are! Like the camo pair, they are still super on-trend, but can be mixed and matched with so many pieces. I used the same sports bra and the same jacket as the first outfit. Since the jacket has black stripes on it, I figured it could mix-and-match easily with this pair as well, and I was not disappointed!

Outfit Details:

Outfit 1: Leggings 2Liv Brand (size L)  | | Jacket 2 Liv Brand (size XL) | | Sports Bra MTA Sport (size 2X)
Outfit 2  Leggings 2Liv Brand (size L)  | | Jacket 2 Liv Brand (size XL) | |  Sports Bra MTA Sport (size 2X)

Use the Same Leggings and Switch Out the Top

I know I am very guilty of this, but sometimes I have one or two pairs of leggings which I love more than all my other pairs. I find myself wearing them way more often and need more tops just to match them!
Since I know I am not alone in this, I wanted to show options on how to utilize the same leggings, but find different ways to style them.
Truth be told, I am not a big fan of long sleeves when I work out. I sweat a lot and also tend to get warm, so I like to find pieces that I can layer and are light. I saw this vest in-store at Meijer and was like…. why is this in the activewear section? It is the same material as the jacket pictured above and also has the same mesh material on the inside. I do have a tank underneath, in case I need to take this off, but it was really good to have on for outdoor activities when it’s slightly warmer out.
Again, I really like being able to run errands after I work out, so this vest is such a cute option to layer over workout gear after. They match perfectly with these fun leggings and are a more fun alternative to layering.

In case you are not a fan of vests, or just want something long sleeve, this jacket is a great way to layer as well! It’s light, absorbs sweat really well, and is super on-trend. When it warms up a bit here, I could see myself wearing it with jeans or even black leggings.
The color of the jacket ties perfectly in with the pink in the leggings, again perfect for that grocery store shopping coordination after class!


Outfit Details:

Outfit 1: Leggings 2Liv Brand (size L)  | | Vest 2 Liv Brand (size XL)
Outfit 2  Leggings 2Liv Brand (size L)  | | Jacket 2 Liv Brand (size XL)

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  1. 1.18.19

    This active wear is so cute!! It would make me actually want to work out haha!

    xo, Hillary |

  2. 1.20.19
    Avani said:

    Love all your workout gears.. all the prints are so pretty!!

  3. 1.21.19

    These are all great outfits! I love the different prints and the jacket does look great for errands.

  4. 1.21.19

    I’m loving all of those prints girl! I wouldn’t mind wearing all of them, even to wear some errands!

  5. 1.21.19
    Katherine said:

    Awesome workout gear!! I love all of these outfits, especially the little bomber jacket!

    Katherine |

  6. 1.21.19
    Caitlin said:

    Ah there are so many fun different prints! Love it

  7. 1.22.19
    Sarah Lindner said:

    This workout gear is so cute! Defiantly would be the most fashionable working out 🙂

  8. 1.22.19
    Jess Scull said:

    This workout gear is adorable! Love those legging prints

  9. 1.22.19
    Darleen said:

    The copper metallic leggings are so cute! I actually saw a lady wearing them at my gym and was wondering where she got them. Now I know! Thanks babe! xo

  10. 1.23.19
    Taylor Aube said:

    Cute and cozy workout looks! I love all of these leggings they are so fun!

  11. 1.23.19
    Laura said:

    I’m loving all three of these leggings!! Isn’t it so much fun to workout in cute workout clothes?!!

    xo, Laura

  12. 1.27.19
    rebecca said:

    A girl can never have too many pairs of leggings!! !Love all of this. xx rebecca