Plaid Matching Set

Hey all and happy Monday! Took a quick break there during the holidays and figured I would start fresh on a Monday! The holidays were so crazy and I spent a ton of time cleaning, reorganizing, and purging!

I originally saw this skirt online and loved the color and the pattern. Then, I saw the matching top and figured it would be fun worn as a set. I had seen the set on a few other ladies, but to be honest, it didn’t look the same on me. I knew it needed something else, so I added the belt!

I couldn’t just do a plain black bootie and needed to add a fun way to mix up the outfit a bit I love a good plaid and since the color was darker, it felt a bit more fall and winter. So, I figured a good pair of leopard booties would be the perfect match for the season. I like a subtle print mix, and the best way to do so is with a mix in the shoes or bag.

Hope you all have a fabulous start to your week! Have an amazing week ahead!

Top Ann Taylor (wearing size XL) | | Skirt Ann Taylor (wearing size L) | | Belt Eloquii (old)
Shoes Louise Et Cie | | Bag Leith | | Lips MAC (Captive)



  1. 1.7.19
    Rena said:

    This set looks absolutely amazing!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. 1.7.19

    I am loving this look so much. Power dressing at its best. I also like how you styled it with accessories.


  3. 1.7.19
    ashley hargrove said:

    You are killing it in this look!! I can’t get enough of that belt too!! Such an overall, chic look!

  4. 1.7.19
    Rach said:

    Seriously obsessed Denise! I love that this is a set. The belt is an amazing addition to this outfit!

  5. 1.7.19
    Stephanie said:

    I love how the belt basically transforms a two-piece set into a chic, cinching dress! It looks fantastic like this! And I bet you’ve had fun pairing each individual piece with other items as well.

  6. 1.7.19
    Nataly said:

    You look so good in this set!! I love it with the leopard booties.

  7. 1.7.19
    Carolyn said:

    Such a cute set and I love the boots you paired with it…truly makes the look!

  8. 1.7.19

    I would have never thought this was set! It looks seamless 🙂

    -xo, Azanique |

  9. 1.8.19
    Kileen said:

    This is such a cute plaid set. I love the color and how you paired this with a belt!

    cute & little

  10. 1.8.19

    I love this matching set! I thought this was a dress, it’s such a great addition to the set. And I’m loving the leopard booties!

  11. 1.8.19
    Kelsey said:

    Love a good set- especially when it’s plaid! You look gorgeous!!

  12. 1.8.19
    Danielle said:

    I totally would have taken this for a dress! Love how you belted the look.

    xx, Danielle |

  13. 1.8.19
    Deborah said:

    I love this! I really like matching sets and co-ords so this look is right up my alley! I like that you added the wide belt to make it look like a dress!

  14. 1.8.19

    You are OWNING this look girl!! <3

  15. 1.8.19
    Taylor Aube said:

    I thought this was a dress at first! That belt adds some serious chicness to this look. You are gorgeous!

  16. 1.8.19
    Laura Leigh said:

    So fierce! I love how you styled this set!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

  17. 1.8.19
    adriana said:

    What an adorable set! I LOVE the colors!

  18. 1.8.19
    Candace said:

    Absolutely loved that outfit on you! I like how you paired it with the leopard boots.


  19. 1.9.19

    I am loving this set! It looks like a dress! The leopard boots are such a cute pop of color.

  20. 1.9.19

    You. Look. Like. A. BABE.

  21. 1.9.19

    Wow I thought this was a dress! This plaid set looks fabulous on you and love the leopard boots! ❤️

  22. 1.10.19
    Nailil said:

    This set is absolutely gorgeous. I love the rich color; and the booties are also so pretty.

    Xx, Nailil

  23. 1.10.19
    Kristina said:

    I’m always down with print mixing- love this look!

  24. 1.13.19

    That dress looks amazing on you! I love the color.

  25. 1.14.19

    I thought it was a dress! But with the matching set you can mix and match and make more than one outfit! Lovely! xo, Suzanne

  26. 1.15.19
    Gita said:

    I’m all about the matchy matchy outfit. This one looks SO good on you!

  27. 9.24.21
    lars said:

    belt basically transforms a two-piece set into a chic, cinching dress! It looks fantastic like this! And I bet you’ve had fun pairing each individual piece with other items as well.

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