Instagrammable Spot in Chicago: Winky Lux

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Hey all and happy Monday! It has been soooo cold here recently and snowed pretty much every single day last week! Taking photos outside or even going outside at this point feels like a complete chore! I can only recall a few times that I actually left my house in the last week or so… it has really been that bad. This week has one day in the 30’s and a ton in the negatives, so it does not look like I am going anywhere anytime soon!
With that being said, I know people are looking for somewhere to escape the cold… even just for a little while. I am trying to share a bit more content other than fashion on here, and I would like to also dabble a bit more in the Chicago scene and share more on that!
I was invited in November to check out the opening of a new Beauty Pop-Up called Winky Lux. It’s in the Shops at North Bridge Mall, located right outside of Nordstrom on the first floor. When I was first invited to the pop-up, I had no idea it would be so fun, color, or totally “instagrammable.” The front part of the store features all the makeup, brushes, and skincare that the brand offers, along with some pretty presentations and a fun ball pit. The back of the store is a totally different story… offering 9 instagrammable rooms, each one themed after one of their products. The rooms are large installations featuring texture, color, and even some disco balls!
If you would like to take a tour of the back or grab some photos, you will have to be led through by one of the ladies working there, and they are usually willing to help you snap some awesome photos! I had the pleasure of shooting in some of the rooms, so I am sharing all 9 with you today… in order of the tour!
Have a wonderful Monday and fabulous week ahead!

Front of the Store

#1 Flower Balm Room

This room is based around one of their coolest products… the flower balm, which has a real flower inside the balm. The balm is clear but reacts with the pH in your body, to produce the perfect shade of pink on your lips. 
This is my favorite of all the rooms… but definitely not because it is first! I seriously love all the texture this room, with all of the flowers being 3D. The room features a giant flower arch, which you can walk through and take pictures next to the grassy green wall. The room also has two sides, one on each side of the arch that is also completely made up of all 3D flowers!

#2 Dream Gelée

This room is designed around their Dream Gelée, which is a super lightweight moisturizer. I just had the pleasure of trying it for the first time in the last week and love how light, yet nourishing it is!
The room is blue with a ton of clouds at varying levels hanging down. The strings are attached to crystals, which represent little rain drops!

#3 Feliner


This room is designed around their Feliner, which comes in both pencil and felt tip form! I have had the pleasure of using the felt tip pen a few times and swear by it, especially in these winter months when makeup just loves to disappear!
The room is a black and white illusion room and depending on where you sit and stand, you can create different illusions!

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#4 Watermelon Jelly

This room is themed after their watermelon jelly balm, which has similar formula to the flower balm! It will turn a perfect shade of pink on your lips!
The room has two watermelon chairs and giant watermelon slices you can hold as well! And my favorite part of the room… the sign!

#5 Matte Lip Velour

This room is themed after their matte lip velour, which comes in a variety of colors (hence the rainbow) and it super long-lasting!
The room has a giant rainbow in the center, as well as a huge rainbow Winky Lux sign and a few other fun pieces on the wall!

#6 Coffee Bronzer

This room is themed after their coffee bronzer, which currently comes in two shades (mocha and latte). It’s actually scented as well, so it smells like coffee, which I love!
The room is super fun and is actually an optical illusion! It’s one of those rooms that is super tiny and makes you look huge… and trust me the photos of me in it are awful! They have a fun set in here as well with a cute pink picnic basket!

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#7 Disco Lip Gloss 


This room was hands down the hardest to get shots in, but it was also one of my favorites! It is themed after the Disco lip gloss, which is similar to the Watermelon Jelly and the Flower Balm. It comes in different shades, but goes on clear, and will turn the perfect shade of pink on your lips!
The room has a disco ball hanging from the ceiling and will play music when you open the door. All the “lightsticks” hanging from the ceiling are actually the disco lip gloss containers!

#8 Matcha Lip Balm

This room is super fun and modeled after a zen garden! It is themed around their Matcha Lip Balm, which also happened to be one of the first products that I tried! It helps soften and repair lips and is perfect for winter in Chicago!
The room has a giant Matcha-Green sand pit with rakes and tools, so you can totally get your zen on!

#9 Cashmere Kitten Palette 

Hands down the most fun room in the whole store! This room is themed after their cashmere kitten palette and the pillows feature a few of the colors similar to the palette! It is actually the first palette I tried from the brand and I love it because it has colors I would actually wear!
The rom has tons of pillows and blankets to play around with or lay in if you need a good nap!


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